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Intercity Home Shifting Services

Hire CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED for Hassle-free & Quality Home Shifting Essential

Shifting Home! Puzzled thinking where to start and how to start!

Say goodbye to your home shifting stress employing CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED. At CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED we take care of your entire home shifting necessities from packing to moving, and delivery to unpacking precisely when you count on us. Just make us know about your requirements and we will strategies your home shifting according to your requirements.

Choose the Home Shifting Master

Don’t be skeptical! We know how to make your home shifting quick and hassle-free. We have been doing the same job almost every day for decades. Hence, whether you need intercity, interstate or international home shifting, you will find us right beside you. It is all about our profound know-how moving techniques as well as abilities that tagged us as one of the pristine packers and movers in this domain.

Assured Quality Home Shifting Services

At CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED, you are assured to get only the finest quality home shifting job regardless the locations, domestic or international – hire us and reassign from your shifting tension when we are here to take off your home shifting liabilities. Each of your staffs, from packers to movers, drivers to moving assistance are trained and bagged with a couple of the years of experience shifting home. Thus, it would be better to sit relaxed when you hire CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED for your home shifting project.

Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials Used Only

We CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED believes in offering safe shifting job in using environmentally safe packing materials. We take care of our customers’ necessities maintaining the safety of the environment. Materials we use in home shifting jobs,

Quality Adhered Packing Materials We Use
  • Moving boxes-Most commonly, these cardboard moving boxes can be used to pack materials which is not prone to damage like clothes, kitchen boxes etc.
  • Specialty boxes-While the moving boxes are for packing of general items, the specialty boxes are especially meant for proper protection of your delicate items.
  • Wrapping paper-Wrapping papers are one of the important packing materials needed during home relocation because you need it to wrap the items which are delicate.
  • Bubble wraps-Bubble wraps are the most popular and a safest kind of packing supplies that can be used for wrapping of fragile items.
  • Packing peanuts-Packing peanuts are used to fill the empty space inside the box.
  • Wrapping foam-Wrapping with foam will be very beneficial for you in case the road is rough or the truck meets some accident.
  • Moving blankets-You can buy the moving blankets as they are big and thick and can be wrapped easily around big furniture like wardrobes, show peace etc.
  • Movers stretch wrap-The other element in the list of household packing materials needed during home relocation is movers stretch wrap.
  • Labels-Needless to say labeling each of the boxes correctly is important because when the packed boxes are labeled properly.
  • Box cutters-Box cutters are important items and you must buy at least one during your home relocation.
  • Scissors-It will be very useful to cut the tapes and open your boxes.
  • Mattress bags-Mattresses are so big and of huge size that they will never fit into the boxes that you have brought
  • Packing tapes-Buying packing tapes is of paramount importance as they are used to seal the boxes or secure the wraps around the boxes.