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Office shifting Service

Intercity Office Shifting Services

CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED - One-Stop Solution for Quality Office Relocation or Moving

Shifting or relocating office is a tiresome experience. The tension goes double if you count on the DIY methodology. Only precision and patience is the key to handle office relocation/shifting job. Not any DIY method but to hire a professional packers and movers company is the smartest move when you desire for a trouble-free and fast office moving. We CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED are the expert in handling office relocation assignments, be it an MNC or sole proprietary firm.

CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED – Your Office Relocation Assistance

Paying attention to every detail of office belongings is a tedious job and, an expert as well as professional movers can do it on your behalf. CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED is a company who has bagged the expertise to manage office relocation/shifting job effortlessly in the given time frame. We know that an office relocation job means a movement in a specific time and it requires action with full-proof strategies. When you hire CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED, you are assured to get not only quality office moving but also moving with no damage to office belongings.

CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED is a place where quality meets simplicity while moving your office belongings from city to city, state to state, and domestic to international place.

Quality Material Used for Quality Packing & Moving

When you hire CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED, you are assured to receive secure, flexible, fast and safe office relocation/shifting service with on time delivery. Our office relocation service includes packing to loading, unloading to unpacking of your office goods with care and efficiency. Each office good – chairs, desks, cabinets, electronic equipment (computers, printers, fax machines and so on), files and also high-tech machineries are packed with care and precision by our trained staffs. We use quality as well as nature-friendly packing materials to ensure the safety of your office belongings at the maximum level.

Materials we use to pack office goods are,

  • Moving boxes-Most commonly, these cardboard moving boxes can be used to pack materials which is not prone to damage like clothes, kitchen boxes etc.
  • Specialty boxes-While the moving boxes are for packing of general items, the specialty boxes are especially meant for proper protection of your delicate items.
  • Wrapping paper-Wrapping papers are one of the important packing materials needed during home relocation because you need it to wrap the items which are delicate.
  • Bubble wraps-Bubble wraps are the most popular and a safest kind of packing supplies that can be used for wrapping of fragile items.
  • Packing peanuts-Packing peanuts are used to fill the empty space inside the box.
  • Wrapping foam-Wrapping with foam will be very beneficial for you in case the road is rough or the truck meets some accident.
  • Moving blankets-You can buy the moving blankets as they are big and thick and can be wrapped easily around big furniture like wardrobes, show peace etc.
  • Movers stretch wrap-The other element in the list of household packing materials needed during home relocation is movers stretch wrap.
  • Labels-Needless to say labeling each of the boxes correctly is important because when the packed boxes are labeled properly.
  • Box cutters-Box cutters are important items and you must buy at least one during your home relocation.
  • Scissors-It will be very useful to cut the tapes and open your boxes.
  • Mattress bags-Mattresses are so big and of huge size that they will never fit into the boxes that you have brought
  • Packing tapes-Buying packing tapes is of paramount importance as they are used to seal the boxes or secure the wraps around the boxes.

Hire CLASICO MOVERS PRIVATE LIMITED for quality office relocation/shifting assignment at a reasonable price.